Kaady Shampoos, Cleaners and Protective Products: The Chemistry is Right

Kaady Car Washes cleaning products photo

Some car washes, including self-described “touchless” facilities, use harsh detergents or dangerous acids. In fact, the so-called touchless process can remove road grime only by using these substances in conjunction with jet blasts of high-pressure water. This process can strip away a molecular layer from paint and wheels with each wash, and even etch the surface of glass.

That's why Kaady has designed our own state-of-the-art equipment, and developed our own non-acidic, non-corrosive, non-caustic shampoos and cleaning agents, which we manufacture to the highest standards in a separate division of our company. So dependable are these success-proven, scientifically formulated products that several top automakers use them in the pre-delivery preparation of their new cars, pickups and SUVs.

Going the extra mile to protect your car’s “showroom shine”:

UV rays, leaf stains, tree sap, bug spatter and bird droppings: they can eat through the micro-thin layer of factory-applied “clearcoat” that gives new vehicles their showroom shine. To combat them, we developed two powerful protective products and integrated them into the menu at all Kaady Car Washes: Paint Guard™ with carnauba wax, and new Ceramic Paint Protection, a revolutionary polymer shield that increases the longevity of vehicle finishes.

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