Full safety measures in place at all Kaady locations.

With all CDC guidelines and other sanitary and distancing precautions firmly in place, we are proud to be helping to control the spread of covid19, while enabling our employees to safely return to work. All facilities are open daily from 8am to 8pm.

Only credit cards or prepaid wash passes (no cash) are accepted, and other health safety practices are being strictly observed. These include making vacuums temporarily unavailable to ensure distancing and prevent the transmittal of pathogens from equipment surfaces.

Emergency vehicles washed free.

At least until May 31st, Kaady Car Washes will wash for free any first responder vehicles that Kaady’s automatic conveyor system can accommodate, as described in this story on our News page. Learn more.

Carmakers like our style.

Our new 30-second television commercial shows why the world’s leading carmakers maintain the same things we do about the best way to preserve your vehicle’s finish.

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