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100+ Volume Discount Pricing

If you’re responsible for managing government agency vehicles, or if you operate a limo or taxi service, or if you continually drive customers to view properties, “do lunch”, or pick up and drop off at the airport, here’s the most affordable way to keep your vehicles looking sharp at all times, while reducing operating overhead.

Or, if you or your group wish to raise funds or simply save money, buying Kaady Car Washes in quantities of 100 or more is a great way to go.

  • Schools, clubs and community groups: Sell discount washes at retail value to raise cash for trips, teams, special events or other worthy causes.
  • Everyone else: Farsighted drivers can come out ahead by stocking up in advance and saving all year round. And there‚Äôs no faster, safer, handier way to wash your car.

Fleet & Volume Discount Pricing

When ordered online:

  • Kaady Advanced Wash
    OR & WA: $5.75 ea. for 100 or more (Save $225!)
    CA: $7.50 ea. for 100 or more (Save $250!)
  • Kaady Premium Wash*
    OR & WA: $7.50 ea. for 100 or more (Save $250!)
    CA: $9.00 ea. for 100 or more (Save $300!)

*Kaady Premium Wash includes Kaady Advanced Wash, Paint Guard, Wheel Guard, Liquid Polish and Underbody Rinse

Washes may also be purchased in quantities of less than 100 at the regular everyday low retail price at all Kaady Car Washes. Contact Us for special pricing on orders of 500 washes or more.

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