See our commercials and videos.

"Banner Day in King City"

50th civic anniversary celebration at our car wash in King City.


"All the Right Reasons"

Why top automakers recommend the wash methods used by Kaady …and other reasons besides.

"This Must be the Place"

The best reasons for coming to Kaady are pictured in this spunky short video produced for social media.

"Good. Clean. Fun."

For kids, a trip to a Kaady Car Wash can be a three-minute journey of the imagination.


"The Future of Water Conservation"

How the world's most efficient car-wash technology conserves the world's most precious resource.

"Clean Rivers"

How Kaady earned recognition as the “one of the best” at protecting our rivers and streams.

"Winter Car Washing"

The months that bring the worst weather are the worst times to quit washing your car.

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