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Each day your car’s finish is assaulted by harmful elements.

Paint Guard finish
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Paint Guard™ creates a protective, shine-enhancing polymer barrier.

Paint Guard finish
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Reapply on a monthly basis to maintain maximum protection.

Paint Guard monthly application

When you know all your car goes through, you know why you need Paint Guard™.

Protect your vehicle's paint with the help of our technologically advanced, clear polymer liquid shield …now with Carnauba Wax.

Regular application of Paint Guard — with Carnauba wax — creates a polymer barrier that helps protect your car's paint from UV rays and airborne contaminants, as well as acids from leaf stains, tree sap, bug spatter and bird droppings …all of which can eat through the clearcoat and cause permanent damage.

Effective for up to 30 days

Paint Guard is designed to provide a protective polymer barrier for up to 30 days from date of application. So make it part of your "routine maintenance" by asking us to include it with your car wash on a monthly basis.

Help safeguard your investment, while enhancing the lustrous finish of your car, pickup or SUV, with performance-proven Paint Guard.

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