The fact that kids love Kaady comes across loud and clear in new videos.

December 20, 2013

"Good. Clean. Fun." with voices

"Good. Clean. Fun." music only

While it may never replace a trip to Disneyland, going through a Kaady Car Wash has long been perceived as a three-minute thrill ride for generations of children accompanying their parents through Kaady’s conveyor washes.

Earlier this year, company owner Charles Kaady decided to have Salem-based Cardwell Creative, Inc. capture some of those youthful reactions in 30 and 60-second videos recorded at one of Kaady’s three Vancouver locations.

“If we’d asked our marketing people to try coming up with the wildly imaginative sorts of things kids say to describe the equipment and the experience, I’ll bet they couldn’t have come close”, said Kaady.

Among other examples: “It’s like a Christmas Tree cleaning your car!” (a reference to the whirling blue upright cleaning stanchions) and “You’d think it was an octopus!”. Still other comments are so enigmatic that they seem to defy interpretation by adults …but viewers who understand “kidspeak” are welcome to try.

In alternate edits, 30 and 60-second versions feature music only, but according to Kaady, the delighted faces alone more than justify the title given to both versions: “Kaady Car Washes: Good, Clean Fun.”

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