Car Wash Discount Cards

Advanced Wash Cards, Ultimate Protection Package Cards

Kaady Car Washes Wash Cards photo

Easy to use...

Each card contains 4 washes, with your choice of Advanced Wash or Ultimate Protection Package. The cards fit easily in wallet, purse or above the sun visor. You can buy car wash cards online or at all Oregon and Washington locations.

Discount Card Pricing

  • Kaady Advanced Wash Discount Card
    Buy 3 washes for $27, GET THE 4TH WASH FREE
  • Kaady Ultimate Protection Package Discount Card*
    Buy 3 washes for $36, GET THE 4TH WASH FREE

Order Discount Washes

*Kaady Ultimate Protection Package includes Kaady Advanced Wash, Ceramic Dura Guard™, Wheel Guard™, Liquid Polish™ and Underbody Rinse.

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